Bringing global fashion brands to Africa

The situation

GIGI is an African fashion store curated as an icon for luxurious brands.
In order to become even more successful in the African market, the brand must continue to develop. Positioning and brand identity must take into aacount the distinctiveness of the African understanding of luxury. Communication should link existing and new target groups.

Our Strategy

We sharpened the profile of the brand and adapted it for a global audience
In a Power of One collaboration with the GIGI team, we lay the foundation for further development of the brand communication. Our work included the brand model, with purpose, positioning statement and tonality, as well as the brand story and target group personas.

Our process

Initially, focus groups were used to gain a deep understanding of the target groups. Together with the client’s team, basic avenues for improving the positioning were developed in a collaborative session, and then they were finalised.

Our solution

Unique positioning for the GIGI Wear brand through a user centered online store.

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